View Towards The Royal Exchange, London

Well this painting has been an interesting challenge, the perspective was what really got me interested when I was looking back at my photos. As well as the light, I recall standing on the roof garend and watching the sunlight create solid shadows across the roads and buildings, I love that when I see it.

Overall, I think the painting is a success, there is so much to look at and it gives the viewer a different perspective on London, so me new buildings to marvel at, old and new.

I suppose it’s my impressionistic view on a London scene. I also tried to restrict my palate a wee bit this time, as I know I can inject more life and colour into a painting than is acutally there, but I suppose that’s your sttle, right? And it’s how you observe the world, it’s your interpretation, it’s your painting!

Acrylics on stretched canvas.
W:100cm H:70cm