Ever considered a commission?
It’s a great way of owning a very personal piece of art that has a deeper meaning or connection to you. It could be a place where you once worked, a memorable time in your life or something you absolutely love.
It could also be a selfless act of kindess and be an amazing gift for a loved one or friend.

Over the years I have painted many commissions, like the Glastonbury music festival, it was for a couple who actually got married there. Many, many cities where couples courted and got engaged. Animals that people love and places where they onced lived. For me, it’s a great thing to be part of, hearing peoples stories and presenting the painting and seeing their faces is wonderful.

How it works…
We start some dialogue and chat about your ideas, if you have a photos great, if not, we can research
together and build a picture of the your ideas, all of this process is included in the cost. There are no hidden costs or added extras. Only postage/shipping, that is the clients costs (But I will arrange the shipping).
All materials, canvases, paints, research, sketching are included.

Deposit and Payment for finished work.
A deposit of 30% is required, normally bank transfer, paypal etc (This is non-refundable once the commission has started).
The balance payment is required upon completion of the commission.
Please note, I do reserve the right to re-negotiate the commission if the brief changes.

Sizes and Prices*

50cm x 50cm 50cm x 70cm 70cm x 100cm 120cm x 100cm
£665.00 £965.00 £1,365.00 £1,900.00+

*Sizes and prices are approx and for guidance only, please contact me for more information.

Please read what a few of my clients have to say about their commissions and experience.

‘Ewen is such a vibrant, happy person and this is totally reflected in his work. Our lion painting is the focal point in our living room area and it really is majestic. It’s so lifelike, but the layers and flecks of vivid colour give it a real contemporary edge. We absolutely love it!’
Sonia Caton, Saltwood, Kent

Lion by Artist Ewen Macaulay

Ewen’s Art took my breath away!
“The moment I saw Ewen’s work I knew I needed to commission a piece by him,
The hardest part was choosing from his many distinctive styles,
after lots of friendly discussions on colour, size and feel of the work, we decided upon the perfect piece that would celebrate our love of living in London,
We now own the most beautiful, original painting that lives pride of place in our kitchen.
I still can’t believe we own such a beautiful piece.
As a TV presenter on makeover shows for ITV and BBC, I’m already finding ways to incorporate Ewen’s work on screen, and I look forward to sharing his talents to a broader audience.”
Wayne Perrey, The TV Carpenter, London

My husband James and I commissioned this powerful, beautiful, challenging, and engaging painting of a gorilla painted by Ewen Macaulay.

When he finally came home to us, delivered in person by the ever generous Ewen, we discovered that a painting can make a room. Suddenly our living room transformed into an everyday gallery. The painting delights us every day and has sparked many conversations, in fact we were so intrigued by him that we asked Ewen if there was a story behind the painting and the gorilla. To our delight this is what Ewen said…

“The gorilla’s name is Djala, and was rescued by the Aspinall Foundation. He was found tied to an old oil drum and children were throwing stones at him, he was just a baby, sadly is parents were killed for mushmeat. The Foundation brought him to the UK and introduced him to their gorilla program. Djala, became a 440lb (200kg) silverback and fathered 16 offshoots. The group, including females and Djala’s young offspring, were eventually reintroduced back to the wild. They were flown to Bateke Plateau National Park in the Gabon where the Foundation has a million acres of protected jungle”.
Lorna & James, Folkestone, Kent

‘Field of Poppies’
I am not a painter, artist of any kind. In the words of Ewen ‘People know what they like to look at ‘. We love looking at this painting for all sorts of reasons. Poppies trigger many feelings,memories. The Field of Poppies is vibrant, gold touches. For us it invokes hope, tears and remembrance. If we had more wall space Ewen’s work would be displayed. Thank you Ewen,
Love Helen, Seabrook, Hythe, Kent x

‘Tower Bridge, London’
I love Ewen’s work. So I decided commissioned Ewen to paint me a scene of London. Tower Bridge with the River Thames meandering away in the distance.I live in L.A now and the painting was to remind me of home.
Well… I don’t wax lyrical often, but Ewen’s work certainly deserves it. Let’s say, he nailed the brief to start with, the colours and vibrancy is exceptional. Everytime I gaze at my painting I see somehting different, it gives me immensive pleasure. As Renoir once said, if art has to be explained then it’s not art. Ewen’s art does not need to be explained.
Neil Dorward – Creative Director, Cirque Du Soleil, Santa Monica, USA

‘Rennaissance Hotel, London’
‘Absolutely love the painting. Ewen is so easy to work with.’
Jason Shell, Florida, USA.

‘Fisherman’s Beach’
Ewen has not only captured this picturesque place but he has given it the magic of colour and movement. I love the blasts of orange and red sunset coming through the turquoise sky and the dark shades on either side in the sea and the skylines.
Ewen also made the frame from driftwood found on Fisherman’s Beach . Its an amazing painting loved by myself & my husband.
Thank you Ewen
Sam and James Bach, Hythe, Kent xxx