A challenging perspective

Painting for me is such a challenging journey. I won’t pretend it’s not mentally challenging too, procrastinating over what to paint, am I heading in the right direction? Everyday I ask myself things like, What to paint? Why? How? and selecting the correct photograph… these are all challenging aspects of being an artist.
Recently I went to Coq d’Argent restaurant in London, which is located in the City. They have a beautiful roof top terraced garden, with fabulous views of the city, old and new architecture, buildings like The Royal Exchange and 20 Fenchurch Street aka The Walkie Talkie. I took some photo’s, I was hoping for a few nice shots, something a little different, more of a challenging perspective for a painting. The shot I selected really was a great view and very challenging, but these kind of perspectives I think, make me thrive and push my skills to develop further. The painting is nearly finsihed, however I wanted to post the process for now and then I will complete the journey with the finished painting with a new post very soon. I hope you like the work so far, maybe we can talk about the process in more depth soon.