Folkestone-born Ewen Macaulay’s natural creativity was evident early in his childhood, where his passion for drawing fire engines was nurtured by his parents.

Ewen’s desire for creativity focussed his studies towards graphic design, studying at several art colleges in England including the London College of Printing and Greenwich University. After earning his qualifications, Ewen spent the next twenty years working as a graphic designer, enjoying a rewarding and satisfying career. However, the pull for creative freedom was growing within him and his desire to move away from the screen and back towards the canvas became too strong to ignore. Ewen gave up the day job and became a full-time artist.

An avid explorer of colour and light, Ewen wields loose brush strokes, full of movement. His canvases are large and hand-made, adding to the uniqueness of each piece, and he will often experiment with different materials. He is a fast worker, quickly covering a canvas with energetic brush strokes of acrylic paint, seeing where his work takes him.

Ewen’s rediscovery of painting has taken him on a great journey thus far and he has three solo exhibitions under his belt. He has found the work challenging, but immensely rewarding and he continues to paint around the clock from his studio on the Kent coast.

Some of Ewen’s favourite artists woud be the likes of Ralph Steadman, George Bellows Rembrandt, Mark Lague, Edward Hopper, Gabe Leonard, Joaquin Sorolla, Richard Musgrave-Evans and Marc Clauzade.

“Creating art is part of who I am. I love the discipline of painting, the creative process and constantly trying to push myself and ultimately creating a painting that evokes a reaction to the viewer, what can be more satisfying than that.” – Ewen Macaulay