View Towards The Royal Exchange, London

Well this painting has been an interesting challenge, the perspective was what really got me interested when I was looking back at my photos. As well as the light, I recall standing on the roof garend and watching the sunlight create solid shadows across the roads and buildings, I love that when I see it.

Overall, I think the painting is a success, there is so much to look at and it gives the viewer a different perspective on London, so me new buildings to marvel at, old and new.

I suppose it’s my impressionistic view on a London scene. I also tried to restrict my palate a wee bit this time, as I know I can inject more life and colour into a painting than is acutally there, but I suppose that’s your sttle, right? And it’s how you observe the world, it’s your interpretation, it’s your painting!

Acrylics on stretched canvas.
W:100cm H:70cm

A challenging perspective

Painting for me is such a challenging journey. I won’t pretend it’s not mentally challenging too, procrastinating over what to paint, am I heading in the right direction? Everyday I ask myself things like, What to paint? Why? How? and selecting the correct photograph… these are all challenging aspects of being an artist.
Recently I went to Coq d’Argent restaurant in London, which is located in the City. They have a beautiful roof top terraced garden, with fabulous views of the city, old and new architecture, buildings like The Royal Exchange and 20 Fenchurch Street aka The Walkie Talkie. I took some photo’s, I was hoping for a few nice shots, something a little different, more of a challenging perspective for a painting. The shot I selected really was a great view and very challenging, but these kind of perspectives I think, make me thrive and push my skills to develop further. The painting is nearly finsihed, however I wanted to post the process for now and then I will complete the journey with the finished painting with a new post very soon. I hope you like the work so far, maybe we can talk about the process in more depth soon.

Autumn Exhibition

I will be exhibiting my work at the Folkestone Art Societies annual Autumn exhibition.
It will run from the 1st November until the 6th November 2022 and is at the Channel Suite, Leas Cliff Hall. It’s a spectacular spot, with uninterrupted views of the English Channel.
The exhibition will be a mixture of Amateur and Proffessional Artists, 2D Art and 3D sculpture.

So please do try to come along if you are in the area. For more information visit the FAS website: –

Folkestone Art Society Autumn Exhibition

Gorilla sketch

Gorilla’s fascinate me, well actually all animals. However, there is a glaringly obvious link between human’s and gorilla’s (in my opinion), the eye’s. The connection is instant, I believe human and gorilla eyes both share the same pattern of colour differences, so maybe that similarity is why…

That said, gorillas make great subjects to draw from, here is a small pen and ink study from my sketchbook. I think someone else thinks there might be a connection with eyes too. Murphy our cocker spaniel… make eye contact at your peril and he’ll steal your toast!

Folkestone Art Society Summer Exhibition

Running with the theme ‘Small is Beautiful’, I submitted three paintings to the Folkestone Art Soceties Summer Exhibition and the theme was ‘Summer’. All painting were to be no larger than A3, perfect for my small is beautiful. There is a forth, ‘Sun Set Palms’ incase of sales.

The Exhibition is running until Sunday 25th Sept at The Brewery Tap, Tonite Street Folkestone, CT20 1 JR. If you get chance, or are around then call down, there’s some lovely work on display. The old pub facard is truly stunning, with it’s original tiled walls and signage in stunning condition. CHeck it out here: – Brewery Tap Gallery

Small but beautiful…

I am creating a series of small paintings. The idea is to keep my subject matter changing regularly, I will still be painting large pieces, but in between creating these ‘small but beautiful’ paintings.

I also enjoy making things and recycling wood, so all of these paintings are 100% recycled. The board for the actual painting and the frames. I think the frames really set the paintings off well and make them shine.


Fascinating, Beautiful and Majestic.
What glorious creatures octopuses are. Now apparently, ocotpus have tree hearts and blue blood, makes them kind of royal I suppose.

Recently I watched the movie ‘My Octopus Teacher’ on Netflix. A fascinating film that will touch your heart, it’s definitely one to watch.

Also in the news about octopus, sadly, is the world’s first Octopus Farm. Quite shocking.

Oddly, two very different stories about octopus. I think we all need to be aware of the challenges all wild animals face and the animals that become farmed for food. We all have to fight and do our very best to preserve all living creatures and nature.

Back to My Octopus. You may have seen that I painted an octopus some time ago, it was so much fun and everyone loved the painting, so I decided to paint another and really push and challenge all those skills and aspects further from the first painting. I still have a few things to complete, but generally speaking it’s 95% complete. I hope you like the painting.

London Panoramic Finished

What a crazy challenge! So here it is, the finished piece, pretty epic.
It’s just under A0 in size, I think it needed to be large to give the viewer the impact of such a huge city like London. The original is now for sale and I will be offering beautiful limited edition prints too.
So what’s next, well I am going to now drawing Manhattan, New York City.

London, Pen & Ink Panoramic Drawing

I love pen and ink drawing… love, love, love it! and undertaking a huge panoramic drawing of London, what a great challenge. So far so good, I did a rough pencil sketch first and thenn started working over the top with fine line pens. The sketch gave me an understanding of the perspective elements and enabled me to avoid mistakes with the ink. The drawing is a representation or interpretation of what I see, so every building or tree is not exactly correct, but when the human eye looks at a scene, parts of the view are pure abstract and the eye and brain make up scene to become reality. This is kind of what I have done here, certain aspects in the drawing , landmarks, noteable buildings and such like, I have paid particular attention too.


Sketching is a fundamental part of the painting process. A sketch book acts as a valuable tool to collect, store, research and ultimately workout compostitions of a painting. This process enables you to iron out any issues that may occur, also, for me, it assits with the tonal values of the painting, this can be key when applying colour.
So happy sketching folks!