Fascinating, Beautiful and Majestic.
What glorious creatures octopuses are. Now apparently, ocotpus have tree hearts and blue blood, makes them kind of royal I suppose.

Recently I watched the movie ‘My Octopus Teacher’ on Netflix. A fascinating film that will touch your heart, it’s definitely one to watch.

Also in the news about octopus, sadly, is the world’s first Octopus Farm. Quite shocking.

Oddly, two very different stories about octopus. I think we all need to be aware of the challenges all wild animals face and the animals that become farmed for food. We all have to fight and do our very best to preserve all living creatures and nature.

Back to My Octopus. You may have seen that I painted an octopus some time ago, it was so much fun and everyone loved the painting, so I decided to paint another and really push and challenge all those skills and aspects further from the first painting. I still have a few things to complete, but generally speaking it’s 95% complete. I hope you like the painting.

London Panoramic Finished

What a crazy challenge! So here it is, the finished piece, pretty epic.
It’s just under A0 in size, I think it needed to be large to give the viewer the impact of such a huge city like London. The original is now for sale and I will be offering beautiful limited edition prints too.
So what’s next, well I am going to now drawing Manhattan, New York City.

London, Pen & Ink Panoramic Drawing

I love pen and ink drawing… love, love, love it! and undertaking a huge panoramic drawing of London, what a great challenge. So far so good, I did a rough pencil sketch first and thenn started working over the top with fine line pens. The sketch gave me an understanding of the perspective elements and enabled me to avoid mistakes with the ink. The drawing is a representation or interpretation of what I see, so every building or tree is not exactly correct, but when the human eye looks at a scene, parts of the view are pure abstract and the eye and brain make up scene to become reality. This is kind of what I have done here, certain aspects in the drawing , landmarks, noteable buildings and such like, I have paid particular attention too.


Sketching is a fundamental part of the painting process. A sketch book acts as a valuable tool to collect, store, research and ultimately workout compostitions of a painting. This process enables you to iron out any issues that may occur, also, for me, it assits with the tonal values of the painting, this can be key when applying colour.
So happy sketching folks!

Vancouver City

What a vibrant bustling city Vancouver is. Downtown is situated right on the waters edge with the stunning Stanley Park and the Mountains perched high up into the sky. There is so much to paint and take in, I can see many other paintings of this great city emmerging from my studio. I love the lights and reflections, something that I am often drawn to in my work, the colour and ever changing mood is always fascinating for me as an artist.

I kind of wanted this painting to start morphing into a slightly abstract painting, as your eyes are bombared with colour and light, the city soons takes on a crazy dancing feeling and I think works so well with a winters sky, of deep blues and purples.

Folkstone Art Societies Winter Exhibition

It was great to get out and exhibit again. It’s been such a long and winding road for everyone during the pandemic.
Getting stuck in and helping set up the exhibition and at last being able to chat to fellow artists. Obviously, it’s also been very hard and sad for many families, but also so important to make contact and keep pushing forward.
I cannot tell how good it felt and the exhibition was a blazing success, so much diverse and interesting work from across the board, the society really does have some very talented artists. I was very pleased to recieved the ‘Peoples Choice’ for one of my paintings.

Should you be interested in the Folkestone Art Society (FAS) then you can have a look at their website, here: https://folkestoneartsociety.co.uk/ Amazingly the society have been running since 1928! and held exhibitions every year since, except during the war years. And I know they are always looking for new members, should you be local. Enjoy!

L.A Skyline at dusk

Full of colour! Love, love, LOVE the colours in my latest painting.
The chaos and shear sprawling size of L.A is crazy.
L.A makes a great subject mater for my style of painting. I love the way everything changes so quickly when the sun is setting, oranges, blue, purples, moaves, yellows .. it’s endless. This painting would look
F A B U L O U S on a large white wall.

I have filmed this painting and I have created a short film…
I hope you like it!

Ewen X x

L.A Skyline painting at dusk - Artist Ewen Macaulay
L.A Skyline at dusk

Surfing paintings

I’ve always had a fascination with surfing, the water, the sea, I suppose so many of us do. It’s one of a few things that I am going to learn to do, Surf.
I have tried surfing on a number of occasions, but like anything, you need to be committed and near surf on a regular basis…. haha… one day maybe!

So for now, I have decided to create a small series of paintings that are surf inspired. I mean, what a subject matter. The light, the colours, the freshness, marine life and people having fun, the list is endless.

So I have kicked it off with some big wave surfers… and I am happy to say, this painting has been SOLD!

Happy Days… Hang Ten!

New beginning’s

We all need change, change is good.
Welcome it. Embrace it!

Since quitting the day job last June (20 years as a Graphic Designer).
Crazy to think I have been sat on my arse for all that time barely moving all day long. I had been really keen to get out from behind the desk and start painting, the painting has been growing gradually. Pulling at me, almost like I was doing something wrong, sat on that chair and not using my talent. Surely movement itself… is life. So it was time to get moving.

It’s taken a while to get settled if I’m honest. Though, I did kick start everything with a solo exhibition in Folkestone in late August (That was to be my 3rd). It went really well, and since then I have been sorting my Studio, putting in a recycled wooden floor, made from old pallets boards.
There is something rather satisfiying upcycling wood.

The next job was a new website and here it is… I have tried to keep it simple and clean. My friend Dane has done a great job, he’s a great developer and he appeases even the most demanding artists. Personally I don’t know any of them.

The final thing is the art, so let’s get cracking and see what I can create. Hopefully, some great paintings and to keep on developing my skills as I continue on this wonderful journey.

I am eternally greatful for this opportunity – Thank you Susanna for all your support!