The multimedia artist Ewen Macaulay was born in 1973 in Folkestone, Kent, to parents Ron and Betty, who were both well travelled parents, living in America and Canada in the 1950’s. Filling Ewen’s head with visual descriptions and stories of New York, San Francisco, Vancouver and beyond.
Ewen’s dad was particularly creative, carving with wood and model making, all this gave Ewen exposure to a plethora of creativity and vision. These skills helped nurture Ewen’s natural artistic talents and opening his mind to experimenting with many different mediums and the world beyond.

Ewen enjoyed a very successful career as a Graphic Designer, studying at Art Colleges like The London College of Printing and the University of Greenwich. Eventually becoming a Studio Director for a very successful and respected Design Agency, a career which spanned over 20 years. However, it wasn’t until Ewen was in his late 30’s after his first marriage ended that he decide to pursue his real passion, a career as a professional artist… read more