I can’t get enough… octopuses are fascinating, aren’t they?

For this particular painting I have used a softer palette than on previous ocotpus paintings. Pinks, muted reds and dark reds, I have also made the sea very dark, although there isn’t much sea visible, the reason for the dark sea was to emphasise the hues and tones on the octopuses skin, but deep sea is very dark. The painting is framed, it’s handmade from recycled wood and I have made it with deep edge, so the painting sits deeper into the frame, this would create a feeling of depth and it would also, emphasise the darkness around the octopus, like around the top of head and tentical ends, the light would start to fade and create more atmosphere.
Overall, I think it’s a success, it’s been very enjoyable creating it.

Materials used.
Acrylic paints. Stretched canvas. Handmade recycled frame. Varnished (gloss medium finish).
W: 595mm x 420mm (canvas) W: 625mm x 455mm (framed).