Folkstone Art Societies Winter Exhibition

It was great to get out and exhibit again. It’s been such a long and winding road for everyone during the pandemic.
Getting stuck in and helping set up the exhibition and at last being able to chat to fellow artists. Obviously, it’s also been very hard and sad for many families, but also so important to make contact and keep pushing forward.
I cannot tell how good it felt and the exhibition was a blazing success, so much diverse and interesting work from across the board, the society really does have some very talented artists. I was very pleased to recieved the ‘Peoples Choice’ for one of my paintings.

Should you be interested in the Folkestone Art Society (FAS) then you can have a look at their website, here: Amazingly the society have been running since 1928! and held exhibitions every year since, except during the war years. And I know they are always looking for new members, should you be local. Enjoy!