London skyline at dusk

Recently I decided to make another speeded-up film of my painting process. I used a large piece of canvas and worked directly on the floor. I wanted to work fast and not stand at the easel.
Once I had blocked out the white of the canvas, the next stage was to go to town drawing the scene.
I used ketchup bottles (similar from a burger van) filled with acrylic paints. The idea was to keep the paint free flowing thus making me work faster.
This is great technique (for me) the free flowing paint made me work very quickly and I was able to apply the vigour and energy to the canavas that I love to see in a painting.

After sometime painting I moved the camera from a tripod to directly above me using a makeshift harness. I prefered this angle for filming, it captured the scene well, I suppose it was more complete. I think I might now glue to canvas to a board and maybe work in a few more brush strokes. Overall I felt it was a great piece.  Once the movie was speeded up and music added it really came together. See what you think?