New beginning’s

We all need change, change is good.
Welcome it. Embrace it!

Since quitting the day job last June (20 years as a Graphic Designer).
Crazy to think I have been sat on my arse for all that time barely moving all day long. I had been really keen to get out from behind the desk and start painting, the painting has been growing gradually. Pulling at me, almost like I was doing something wrong, sat on that chair and not using my talent. Surely movement itself… is life. So it was time to get moving.

It’s taken a while to get settled if I’m honest. Though, I did kick start everything with a solo exhibition in Folkestone in late August (That was to be my 3rd). It went really well, and since then I have been sorting my Studio, putting in a recycled wooden floor, made from old pallets boards.
There is something rather satisfiying upcycling wood.

The next job was a new website and here it is… I have tried to keep it simple and clean. My friend Dane has done a great job, he’s a great developer and he appeases even the most demanding artists. Personally I don’t know any of them.

The final thing is the art, so let’s get cracking and see what I can create. Hopefully, some great paintings and to keep on developing my skills as I continue on this wonderful journey.

I am eternally greatful for this opportunity – Thank you Susanna for all your support!